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Duval County Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts

Ronnie Fussell - Assumed Office 2013

Domestic Violence - General Information

We are located in Room 2409 of the Duval County Courthouse, 501 West Adams Street, Jacksonville, Fl. 32202. Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m, Monday - Friday. Our department may be reached by telephone at (904) 255-2000.

The Clerk Of Court provides forms and staff to assist victims when filling out a petition for protection against violence (also known as a restraining order). You may be entitled to obtain an injunction under Florida Law if you are eligible as follows below.

Please click on one or more categories for a detailed description:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Repeat Violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Dating Violence

In order for the Court to determine the facts alleged in your petition, the petition must include specific facts and circumstances including dates, which will convince the court that an immediate and present danger of violence exists which the Court should restrain, without notice, pending a full hearing.

When you file a "Petition for Protection Against Violence" you will be swearing or affirming under oath that every statement made in this petition and other paperwork is true and correct. Such statements are made under penalty of perjury and are punishable as provided in Florida Statutes 837.02.

Petition for Injunction

Anyone that desires to file for a Petition for Injunction may complete their forms (both local forms and petition for injuction, listed below) in the privacy of their home prior to bringing the completed forms to the Clerk of Court's Domestic Violence Division.

The following forms will then be checked by office personnel for accuracy and correctness and submitted to the Judge to determine if a Temporary Injunction for protection will be issued. Normal turn-around time for a decision from the Judge is 24 – 48 hours.

Local forms - Required for submission

  1. Instructions - Please read before completing any paperwork - IMPORTANT
  2. Civil Cover Sheet
  3. Domestic Relations Identification Sheet
  4. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) - Only required if children are involved
  5. Domestic Violence Threat Level Assessment Checklist/Missed Advocacy - Only required for intimate relationships

Petition for Injunction forms - Required for submission

The actual Petition for Injunction can be found on the Florida State Courts website, under Self-Help, Family Law Forms under 12.980 Forms A-U as follows below. You must determine which of the following forms you need to use.

  1. 12.980 (a) Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence
  2. 12.9809 (f) Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence
  3. 12.980 (n) Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Dating Violence
  4. 12.980 (q) Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence

If you have any questions, please contact our office for assistance.

Injunction Granted by Judge

If a judge decides your petition meets the statutory requirements for the injunction, he or she will enter a temporary injunction. The Clerk Of Courts office will send copies to the sheriff's office in order to serve the respondent. You will receive a court hearing within fifteen days, and at that hearing the judge will decide whether to extend the injunction. After the final judgment is entered you will each receive a copy outlining the judge's decision.

Hubbard House Advocates are available to assist you with the process of filing an injunction. For additional information you may call them at (904) 354-3114 or visit their website at

Self Help

On the Florida State Courts Self-Help page, you will be able to access information for local self-help centers, free and low-cost legal aid, and family law forms for use in dissolution, paternity, child support, name change, and grandparent visitation cases

IMPORTANT: Confidential Information within Court Filings - Effective October 1, 2010

Effective October 1, 2010 any paper filed with the court that contains confidential information (social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) must be accompanied by a new form called “NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION WITHIN COURT FILING”. The information entered on this form will indicate the type of confidential data being filed and its’ precise location within the document being filed. This requirement is a result of an amendment by the Florida Supreme Court to Rule 2.420 of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration. To access the interactive form click here.

Frequently Asked Questions -

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