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Duval County Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts

Ronnie Fussell - Assumed Office 2013

Traffic - General Information

The Traffic Violation Bureau of the Duval County Clerk of the Circuit Court provides a wide variety of services, both to the public and Law Enforcement agencies. This division handles all Criminal and Civil traffic citations and marine patrol civil infractions. Information regarding the payment of traffic citations and other related fines may be found on this page.

If you have a question or would like more information concerning the Traffic Division or your traffic citation, please consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The customer service phone center can be reached at (904) 255-2300 from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday - Friday. Our main office is located at the Duval County Courthouse, 501 West Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida, our lobby hours are from 8:00am until 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, except legal holidays. Services are also provided at our Beaches Branch located at 1543 Atlantic Boulevard, Neptune Beach. Lobby hours are from 8:00am until 4:30pm, Monday – Friday, except legal holidays.

Online Traffic Citation Services

Set a court date Pay citation online
Set a court date online Pay a traffic citation with credit card online

Payment of Traffic Citations

  • To prevent suspension of your Driver License, civil and criminal citations must be complied with by the 30th day from date of issue. Proof of correction of faulty equipment (316.610) must be shown within 30 days.
  • If mailed, the envelope must be in the Clerk's Office by the 30th day from date of issuance. Postmarks are not considered. There is no grace period. Absolutely no citation payments or citation transactions of any kind may be placed in any drop box at any Tax Collector Office. Do not mail cash.
  • Civil and non-arrest criminal traffic court dates must be requested within 30 days of the date the citation was issued. Criminal Court dates must be requested within 30 days.The FAX number to request a Court Date is (904) 255-2358. Attorneys are required to E-file request.
  • You may pay your fine or school election fee by mailing the appropriate amount to: The Clerk of the Circuit Court, Traffic Violations Bureau, P.O. Box 660, Jacksonville, FL 32201.
  • Civil and criminal traffic violations may be paid in person by cashier's check, money order, cash, cashier's check or credit card (There is a non-refundable 3.5% service fee on all credit card payments) at the locations listed in the table below. The locations below are closed on approved City holidays.
Civil Traffic Violation Payment Locations
Location Address Directions Hours
Traffic Violations Bureau 501 West Adams Street Located in the the Duval County Courthouse 8:00am - 5:00pm
Beaches Branch 1543 Atlantic Blvd, Neptune Beach Located at Tradewinds Plaza, Neptune Beach 8:00am - 4:30pm

Moving Violation Information

Moving violations include speeding, running stop signs, careless driving, etc. Payable moving or non-moving citations may be paid by personal check, cashier's check, money order or cash. (DO NOT SEND CASH BY MAIL)

Options to comply with these citations are:

  1. Set Court Date within 30 days from the date the citation was issued by:
    1. Appearing in person at the listed locations
    2. Requesting by fax at (904) 255-2358
    3. Requesting by mail (please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope)
  2. Enter a plea of guilty and pay the fine required by law. If the incorrect amount has been entered on the back of your yellow copy in error, the correct fee required by Florida statute must be collected.
  3. Elect Driver Improvement School (if eligible). Pay applicable fees to the Clerk of Courts, complete driving school, then bring or mail in your proof of completion within (90) days of issuance of citation. IT IS THE VIOLATORS RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE PROOF TO THE CLERK – IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DRIVING SCHOOL.
    • You are eligible to elect Driving School five (5) times in a lifetime and only one time in a twelve month period. The number of times is determined by date of election, not by the date you attended the school.
    • If you elect school by mail, the school packet for registration will be returned to you by mail within 10 days. Please call if you do not receive it. If you elect in person, you will be given instructions then. School Election fees must be paid to the Clerk's Office before registration fee is paid to Driver Improvement School.


  • Determine your eligibility to attend a state certified driving school (as stated above).
  • Pay the applicable fees to the Clerk of Courts.
  • Attend a certified state approved driving school of your choice.
  • Present the certificate of driving school completion to the Clerk's Office to ensure credit for completion. IT IS THE VIOLATORS RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE PROOF TO THE CLERK – IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DRIVING SCHOOL.
  • Pay the driving school election fee to the Clerk's Office.

Driver Improvement School

  • You may elect school for moving violations and receive a Withhold of Adjudication and points will not be assessed provided the violator has not made an election within the prior twelve months nor more than five elections in a lifetime. You cannot elect driver improvement school if you are a CDL holder.
  • Effective February 1, 2009 - Pursuant to SB 12A; Florida Statute 318.14(9) you can no longer receive an 18% reduction for school elections.
  • Please remember that your school completion must be returned to the Clerk of Courts Traffic Violations Bureau upon completion. IT IS THE VIOLATORS RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE PROOF TO THE CLERK – IT IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DRIVING SCHOOL.
  • In addition to a registration fee at the driver improvement school (which varies), the following fees apply (includes $7.00 affidavit fee):

Traffic Schools

For your convenience, we have provided a list of traffic schools that have provided us with their website addresses.

Mandatory court appearances

  • Leaving a child in an unattended vehicle
  • Load dropping/shifting
  • Accident involving a serious bodily injury
  • Accident involving a fatality
  • Passing on enter/exit side of school bus
  • Speed 30+ MPH in excess of posted speed limits

Payment of civil traffic fines using the internet

Payment by Internet using a credit card:

Payment Plan Information

Payment plan options are available for civil traffic infractions. There is a one-time processing fee of $25.00 which must be paid with the first installment.

Any missed payment will result in a late fee and a driver’s license suspension. Three missed payments will result in the fees being forwarded to a collections agency at a 40% increase.


Upon eligibility, the Clerk's Office reinstates driver’s licenses for a fee of $60.00.

Traffic Mailing Address:

Please use the following mailing address for correspondence to the Traffic Violations Bureau.

Ronnie Fussell, Clerk of Courts

Traffic Violations Bureau

P.O. BOX 660

Jacksonville, Florida 32201

Frequently Asked Questions -

  • What is a Civil Traffic Infraction?
  • What are the procedures for handling a citation for failure to carry or display a driver’s license, registration, and/or a license tag?
  • What are the procedures for handling a citation for failure to carry proof of insurance?
  • Which citations require a mandatory court appearance?
  • How do I obtain a court continuance for my civil traffic citation?
  • How can I get my driver’s license reinstated?
  • How do I obtain a record search of my driving record in order to obtain a hardship license?
  • Can I pay my out of county traffic citation at a Duval County Clerk’s Office?
  • What should I do if I have a change of address?
  • What forms of payment are acceptable for a traffic citation?
  • Can I pay my city parking citation at the Duval County Clerk Office?
  • Can I obtain an affidavit to go to defensive driving school in Duval County if my citation was issued by another county?
  • Does attending defensive driving school keep the citation off my driving record?
  • Can I elect to attend defensive driving school after I have paid my citation?
  • Does attending defensive driving school keep my insurance rates down?
  • Where can I find a list of defensive driving schools?
  • Will the defensive driving school notify the Duval County Clerk’s Office when I have completed the class?
  • How can I obtain a copy of a driver's license search?
  • What are my options for disposing of a civil traffic citation?

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